Health Sector Situation Analysis

The Health Sector Situation Analysis site supports countries´ effort to analyse and understand the status of the health sector during the preparation of a national health plan or as part of a sector review process.

Each country portal is developed by the country and represents a national stakeholder platform for the individualized sector-wide situation analysis during the planning cycle.

A broad range of country stakeholders, under the facilitation of the government, work together to:

  • Consolidate, analyse and interpret health data
  • Analyse the process, outputs and outcomes of the implementation of health sector activities and budgets
  • Policy dialogue on the strengths and weaknesses in the health sector and why strategies did or did not work

This platform helps manage an inclusive, participatory, evidence-based and relevant analysis with sustainable opportunities for forum discussions and communication.

Who uses it?

Countries use their portals to keep the community of stakeholders in touch with one another, to keep track of the progress of the country's health policy dialogue on the assessment of the health situation. In addition, the platform aims to showcase the results of the participatory analysis and to compile in one place relevant documents and summaries of policy processes.

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