Security questions and answers


Q: Who has access to this site?
A: Only authorized users that have been given specific access with a login and password

Q: What is needed to use the site after access has been granted?
A: Authorized users can navigate the site but will be unable to contribute and edit information. These users are called Anonymous users.

Q: Can anyone with access to the site create a login for himself?
A: No, you must ask for editing permissions on the site to your Country Community Manager.

Q: What do I need to do in order to contribute information to the site?
A: Ask your Country Community Manager or Key Informant to request access for you.

Q: Can any user create pages and edit information in pages?
A: No, editing will be allowed only to "writers".

Q: Who is overseeing the site information being entered? At a Country Level ? 
A: The Key informants will oversee contributions at a country, regional or taxonomy level.

Q: Who will be in charge of administering users, permissions, etc.
A: User management is handled by each Country Community Manager.

Q: How do I request permission to contribute information to the site?
A: Requests for adding users/modifying user accounts and rights are to be made to the Country Community Manager.

Q: Who determines users, key informants and respective user rights/profiles at a country level?
A: The Country Community Manager determines which level of permissions is required for each member.